A New Kind of Revolution

Advancements in gene therapy, organ regeneration, and stem cell medicine are laying the foundations for a biological revolution. In the same way that Silicon Valley revolutionized the utility of computation in just one human generation, biotech visionaries anticipate that bio-engineering is set to revolutionize the next. Humanity will choose to improve those facets of the human experience that matter to us most -- extending human longevity will inevitably be a focus.

The Young Cell Advantage

The input for many of the most powerful bio-engineering therapies being developed today are cells . These tiny, unbelievably complex machines make up our entire bodies and describe what it means to be uniquely you. Unfortunately, cells age. The information they once contained about what it means to be the healthiest version of you will erode as our bodies age. Modern experiments continue providing more evidence of the potential of young cells to help repair older bodies.

Cell Preservation

Frozen human cells remain unchainged over time -- although our own bodies will age, we can ensure that a sample of our cells as they exist today remain unchanged and accessible to us in the future.

Acorn's mission is to provide affordable cell preservation for everyone. As a client, you'll be shipped a cell-collection kit with instructions on how to deposit your own easy-to-collect tissue sample. You ship that back to us and we'll cryo-preserve your cells for decades to come -- join the movement!

Reserve Your Spot

For just $5 you can make a reservation that ensures your cells will be preserved with Acorn Cryotech early. When we launch, you'll have the opportunity to order the first cell collection kits and an offer for discounted pricing. Reservations currently only available for residents of Canada and the US.

Who We Are

Born out of the genetic engineering team at the University of Waterloo, we've developed passions for biotechnology and entrepreneurship together. With backgrounds in cell biology, bioinformatics, mechanical engineering, and graphic design, we're well equiped to bring Acorn Cryotech's vision to life.

Steven ten Holder

With a background in molecular genetics and a dream to study human longevity, Steven's vision for young-cell preservation kickstarted the Acorn initiative.

Erin Laidley

Having studied animal physiology and cell biology, Erin is committed to improving Acorn's cell preservation protocols and organizing its infrastructure in anticipation for our launch.

Laura Vaughan

Laura's eye for graphic design has dramatically enhanced communcation of the company's vision, and Laura has also helped design data collection systems.

Patrick Pumputis

As a candidate MSc, Patrick's cell-culture expertise and insider access to specialized laboratory equipment has helped guide the company's cell-viability testing.


In our first blog post we discuss the pioneering aging paper by Conboy et al. 2005. It describes the astounding physiological effects on old mice that resulted from their conjuction with young mouse counterparts. Click to read!

ARTICLE: CRISPR Clinical Trials Begin

The concept of using CRISPR -- a gene editing tool -- to intelligently fight cancer by modifying our own immune system cells has received clearance for human trials in the US. Although these trials are primarily an assessment of safety, the bio-tech platform being made available is inspiring.

ARTICLE: A New Strategy for Human Organ Creation -- Pig Embryos

"Although it's been tricky to use stem cells to create entire functional organs, scientists have recently begun experimenting with the use of pig embryos -- human stem cells would be implanted into a pig embryo in the place of cells which would later become, for example, the pig's liver. In other words, pig hosts would be used to grow personalized human organs. Although the ethical considerations are outstanding, the possibilities for personalized organ creation are promising."

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